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Martyn Oram : vocals, violin, mandolin, guitar, bouzouki, knee trumpet, frog

Captain Cabbage : vocals, washboard, suitcases, percussion, trumpet, saw, harmonica, accordion, guitar, ukulele, dog, elephant

The Right Horrible Ronald Regan : vocals, banjo bass, uke bass, sousaphone, trumpet, pig

(Disclaimer - although we try our very best, we cannot guarantee that all of the above instruments will be seen in every show)

UNIQUE is what we are !

To the LPSO, skiffle means "anything goes", as long as it is musical, entertaining and fun.

Our performances are energetic, colourful, bizarre, tuneful, virtuoso and hilarious,

incorporating a wealth of instruments, costume changes and numerous props.


The influences and experience of the band members are many and varied:


Martyn was a founder member of Waterfall, with Keith Donnelly and Gilly Darbey, favourites of the folk scene from 1977-82. They appeared on TV several times, including a half hour “In Concert” special for BBC 1, Radios 1 and 2, Holland’s Hilversum 3, released 3 LP’s and toured throughout Europe and in Central America.
Through the ‘80’s, Martyn recorded two solo albums of his own songs and continued performing worldwide. (“Without doubt a thoughtful and talented songwriter who deserves interest” Rock ‘n’ Reel Issue 11).
He also played several small roles on TV, with credits including the BBC’s cult play “Another Flip For Dominick”, “The Benny Hill Show” and “Lytton’s Diary”.
In the ‘90’s, he recorded 3 CD’s and toured with German singer/songwriter Walter F. Diet. Comparing them to Lindisfarne, Rock ‘n’ Reel (Spring 2000) said “there’s an exuberance and real sense of fun that seems to run throughout the album - punchy, confident and unpretentious folk-flavoured rock”. 2003 saw a 25 year reunion tour with Keith Donnelly as Waterfall, and a new solo CD "The Bridge Of Broken Dreams" was released in 2006.

For more information: www.martynoram.co.uk


Captain Cabbage fronted his own rock band as a singer/songwriter/guitarist in the ‘80’s, releasing several singles. He also appeared in small roles on TV and Film, for example as a dead rock star on "Alas Smith & Jones" and as a genetically modified monster in "Blake's Seven". He met Martyn on the set of "Auf Wiedersehen Pet" and in ’85-86, they toured as ‘Thicko & Rowntree’ (“Pillocks! Comedy singing duo had university audience in stitches” page 3 headline, The Sun, 28/9/85). He has written several plays, comics, letters to newspapers, and, when not doing his washing, delights in puzzling young children with his one-man magic and comedy show.


Bassist with '60's pop sensation Fortes Mentum, and founder member of the legendary musical/comedy act NUTS & BOLTS.  Having toured the world and played such prestigious engagements as the QE2, Circus Roncalli (Germany), Barnums all over the USA and numerous television performances (eg "Little & Large Show", "Good Old Days"), Ronald has now moved into a new phase of his illustrious showbusiness career to share his awesome experience with a new generation of nutters!  

For more information: www.nutsandboltscomedy.com   www.lettersfromlovelock.com   www.fortesmentum.com   www.lovelockswebsite.com

photos : Gary Sears


THE LONDON PHILHARMONIC SKIFFLE ORCHESTRA was formed in 2000 - the rest was history !

for more information, contact : lpso4@yahoo.co.uk