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CD £10.00


2023 "Don't Be Ridiculous" The London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra (CD)


Hello, Devil Went Down To Dartmoor, Spoons, Mosquito Humpaa, Reckoning Day, Nana Demis & Zorba, Diddley Reel, Everybody Smiles,Klezmer Waltz/Cossack Dance, Chuckle Waltz, Welcome To The Party, A Christmas Kiss, Santa's Xmas Party



CD £10.00

2007 "Greatest 'itz" The London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra (CD)

.....with special guests Joe Pasquale and Gordon Giltrap

The LPSO Chant, Wagon Wheel, Pet's Polka, Caught By The Cossacks, Scheisse Missed, Lament of the Drones/McChevitt's Reel, Honk If You're Elvis, Bizarre Bazaar/Ava Banana, I Wish It Would Rain, Heidi's Mercedes, The Bragging Song, Soldier's Joy/Fiddlin' Chicken, Crazy 'Bout You, Woodlouse, Biddley Bum, Don't Blame It On My Sombrero, Emma's Waltz / Klezmania, Putting On The Style.


3 CD's by LPSO band member Martyn Oram (in singer/songwriter mode)

CD £10.00

2006 "The Bridge Of Broken Dreams" Martyn Oram (CD)

Rain, Good Times, The Fiddler, Nothing To Fear, Crazy Fred, Kissing Polka, Bam Bam's Last Note, Wherewithal, Pont Aven, Look Out For Jack, Tequila, Donkey Pulled A Three Wheeled Cart, I Never Knew, Time To Move On, Storm At Uluru, Twenty Years.

(All songs by Martyn Oram)


CD £10.00

2003 "A Drop In The Ocean" Martyn Oram (CD)

Where Is The Love, One Day, Drops In The Ocean, But She Loves Me, Hollow Sun, Only Girl, I Miss You, Everybody Bleeds, Changing Heart, The Hundredth Monkey, The Beach, The Dogs Howled Your Name, Crazy ‘Bout You, Carmen’s Favourite.

(All songs by Martyn Oram)


CD £10.00

2000 "A Flying Dream" Martyn Oram (CD)

Compilation of best tracks from Martyn's LP's "Flying South" (1982) and "Men Who Dream" (1988)

Too Late, Was It Love, How Does It Feel, Flying South, Paper Love Affair, Harbour Lights, I Know You're A Lady, Love's Tall Story, When We Were Young, Ruth, Another Rainy Day In London, Firebird, The Way Of The Lord, The Party, The Sentry, Ivan Ivanovitch, The Games The People Play, The Men Who Dream.

(All songs by Martyn Oram)



Book by LPSO band member Ronald Regan

(can only be purchased by cheque - please request details from Ron by email to lettersfromlovelock@virginmedia.com)

Available soon through Amazon


by Ronald Regan

The painfully true story of a compulsive gambling man, his stupid mistake and his serving life in prison for something he didn’t do. The same man's amazing good luck when suddenly, after suffering three years in prison, an English acquaintance who hadn’t seen him for twenty years finds out where he is and writes to him. They resume their friendship through two hundred letters and several visits, joining forces to fight the authorities in an effort to get justice for him; Prisoner No. 52306 Frank John DeGrasse.  This is a powerfully emotional account of true friendship and of the horrors inside one of America’s toughest Correctional Centres. It should be made compulsory reading for anyone thinking of doing wrong, anyone involved in the Penal System and anyone who has a heart.